Surplus Equipment Recovery

Surplus Equipment RecoverySurplus Equipment Recovery

Why over 300 companies trust CleanBayArea for all of their Surplus Equipment Recovery Needs?
Surplus Equipment Recovery

CleanBayArea's Intelligent Surplus Recovery - The Smart Choice For Your Business

CleanBayArea provides intelligent surplus equipment recovery services to over 300 companies in a broad range of industries including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, research, semiconductor, hi‐tech, and testing companies in California. Through our intelligent surplus equipment recovery approach, your organization can save money, optimize the use of resources, and generate cash to fuel your core business.

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The CleanBayArea Difference

  • CleanBayArea selects the best marketplace with the largest client purchasing base for the liquidation of your specialized equipment in both domestic and international markets.
  • CleanBayArea sells surplus equipment to a broad range of customers ranging from end users to dealers on various platforms, thus garnering the highest recovery price for you.
  • CleanBayArea provides pickup, appraisal, sorting and storage free of charge for its clients.
  • CleanBayArea takes the hassle out of recovery and allows our clients to focus on their core business while providing them with an opportunity to increase profitability.

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