ITAD or IT asset disposition is about responsibly disposing of your obsolete or unwanted assets and equipment in a way that proves to be safe for your company. If you’re a business owner or manager whose job it is to tackle the disposal of your surplus equipment, it can be extremely stressful trying to decide whether to remarket, sell, repurpose, recycle or dispose of what you have in storage. CleanBayArea can help.


Protecting your company’s sensitive data is of primary concern when it comes to ITAD. Discarded equipment that falls into the wrong hands can prove disastrous for your company as it can be mined for personal or financial information and intellectual property belonging to your company. Finding a trusted company that can perform secure ITAD is critical to your company. 


For any company considering tasking ITAD to one of their own in-house people, consider the risk involved and be sure that you can answer all of the following questions with a “yes” before you proceed:


- Are you familiar with the specifics of the regulations that govern electronically stored data?

- Are you aware of all disposition channels that are regulated, certified, and audited by the EPA?

- Are you 100 percent sure that your company has and knows how to use the right data erasure software?

- Are you confident your IT team is up to the task of wiping hard drives clean, as well as memory storage systems? Can you place faith in them to remarket or recycle the excess inventory in line with all regulations while at the same time recovering ROI?


When it comes to ITAD, it only takes one hard drive to cause a data brach that wreaks havoc on your corporation. It’s not uncommon for companies to lose track of their assets. Consider contacting CleanBayArea for your ITAD needs. You’ll rest easy knowing it’s in the hands of professionals, and you won’t lose a single night’s sleep!


Keep in mind that without a formal tracking system, assets may get misplaced, lost or stolen. On-premises theft is always a consideration when it comes to in-house ITAD. Improper data wiping or destruction is another very real issue when in-house ITAD is involved.Inadvertent release of personal confidential or proprietary information can have serious consequences to your company. Your company could pay the price in:


- Lawsuits filed by aggrieved parties

- Tarnished reputation that cannot be resolved

- Falling stock prices

- Fines


The regulations that govern data stored electronically are real and cannot be ignored, however much a company wants to. HIPAA, HITECH, FERPAm SOX, FACTA, and GLB regulations effect everything from strict data protection rules of the consumer’s personal and non-public information to the disclosure and use of information that is in the hands of healthcare service groups.


Don’t take any chances when it comes to ITAD. Call the experts from CleanBayArea at 650-307-7553 and have the peace of mind that comes from working with the best in the industry.