It Equipment Recycling

It Equipment Recycling

Are you looking for professional IT equipment recycling services in the greater San Francisco Bay area? CleanBayArea can help. Their recycling and recovery services are designed to help local companies get rid of old, unwanted or useless equipment that is taking up valuable space in their warehouse. 


Every company has surplus assets and inventory that they no longer use. You may be surprised to find out how much equipment your company is storing. It could be that at one time, there was someone on the payroll who was responsible for IT equipment recycling or asset recovery, but these days companies are downsizing so that even if that was once the case, it may no longer be true for your organization. 


If your company does not have an employee who is designated to asset recovery or IT equipment recycling, the easiest thing you could do is call CleanBayArea. They’ll help you liquidate that equipment, recycle what cannot be remarked, store your equipment for you and share the proceeds with your company once it has been sold.


Managing surplus assets and taking care of IT equipment recycling is a lot of work. After you determine which equipment is no longer needed, someone must focus their attention and efforts on selling surplus assets. This poses a problem as well, because your company most likely does not have ties in the sales venues. You’ll need a trusted partner that has established the procedure of selling assets through multiple venues- one who can recover the maximum residual value for your assets. That’s where leanBayArea comes in.


In your store room, you most likely have a combination of electronic waste (unusable equipment) and unwanted equipment that still holds value on the market. Most corporations have this same combination in their warehouses or storage rooms. It can be difficult to determine the value of each piece of equipment, and whether or not a piece even has a marketable value. 


CleanBayArea has the expertise and knowledge to rapidly transform your surplus assets into value for your business. They’ll sell your surplus assets through multiple online auctions to end-users, not middlemen, so you’ll achieve the highest possible recovery value. They’l also provide you with free IT equipment recycling for items that no longer hold value on the market.


Choose the right option for your needs:


- Let CleanBayArea quickly sell your surplus assets from your facility


- Call CleanBayArea for free pick-up of your lab, test, measurement, R&D, research, scientific, telecom or other similar equipment


- Drop off your excess inventory and surplus assets at CleanBayArea’s Fremont, CA location. They’re always ready to assist you with your asset recovery needs.


For more information about CleanBayArea’s IT equipment recycling services in your area, call 650-307-7553 or go online to where you’ll find everything you need to know to get started. Clean out that warehouse or store room and use it for more rewarding purposes. Recover some of your company’s initial investment, with the help of CleanBayArea.

It Equipment Recycling