It Asset Recovery

It Asset Recovery

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager in a company, chances are you have hidden value in assets that have long ago been forgotten and moved into a back room or storage area in hopes that someone else would inherit the problem. You may not be aware that IT asset recovery could greatly benefit your company, in more ways than one!


Your unwanted, out-dated or out of service assets are not a burden to your company. They may feel like they are, but if that’s the case, it’s only because no one has explained to you the benefits of IT asset recovery. If you’re a business owner, you may not have been aware of your ability to recover on your equipment. If you took over your management position from a previous manager, they may not have filled you in on all of your job description details. IT asset recovery is necessary for your business.


Your business has a lot of money tied up in IT equipment. The initial investment of your IT equipment, being significant, should serve your company to its fullest degree. Retiring your equipment, parking it in some spare room or warehouse and ignoring it is poor stewardship of that investment. At this point, your IT equipment still holds value. The longer you store and ignore it, the less value it will continue to hold.


CleanBayArea is in the business of IT asset recovery for businesses of every size, from the small start-up business to the large corporation.  They can take the burden and stress out of retiring IT equipment and free up space in your building.


Efforts focused on selling your surplus equipment can be considered a tax on your company resources. Unless you have access to multiple outlets for your assets, you’ll probably only recover a small portion of the value of your assets. That’s why businesses need a trusted partner that has already established the procedure of selling surplus assets through multiple venues; one that is able to recover the maximum residual value to maximize the return on your original investment.

CleanBayArea has experience and expertise in determining the worth of your assets- a crucial part of IT asset recovery. Without knowing the value of your equipment, you may easily be tempted to take the first offer that comes along. Let the experts value your surplus equipment, store it for you in order to free up your valuable space, and sell it for the maximum amount possible. CleanBayArea will:


- Sell your surplus assets from your facility

- Provide free pick up of your equipment and sell from their facility

- Accept free drop-off of your equipment and sell from their facility


IT asset recovery services include: asset uninstallation, equipment disposition, inventorying, processing, data destruction and sanitation and complete sales services. If you’d like to learn more about CleanBayArea and their IT asset recovery services, visit online at or call one of their specialists at 650-307-7553. Recover the maximum amount of your investment, with CleanBayArea.



It Asset Recovery