It Asset Disposition

It Asset Disposition

If your corporation is searching for comprehensive IT asset disposition services, you may be interested in what CleanBayArea can do for you. For any asset recovery that includes data-storage devices, CleanBayArea offers a wide range of data sanitation, destruction, recovery and remarketing services for sensitive, confidential data and intelligence.


For maximum recovery value of your equipment, CleanBayArea provides companies with surplus equipment recovery that will impact the bottom line in the most positive way possible. If you have assets that are idle, in storage or needing to be removed immediately, contact CleanBayArea for professional ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) solutions that include data removal, storage, and asset remarketing. 


CleanBayArea knows that every company’s situation is different. If you’ve recently closed a facility, are looking to free up space in your building, or have IT equipment taking up storage space that was intended for other items, make a call to CleanBayArea at 650-307-7553. You may have been thinking about selling that equipment for scrap. While that will take care of the immediate problem, it won’t maximize your return. CleanBayArea can remove all of your equipment from your location and store it safely and securely while working vigorously to remarket it in the most targeted marketplaces in the world.


CleanBayArea offers a global reach into the marketplace where your equipment will sell for the best price, so you can recover as much value as possible from your excess assets. Their IT Asset Disposition services include professional packing, shipping and storage while they work to resell your equipment.


Turn your dead assets into capital for your company. Those surplus assets that are in your way and are constant reminders that something needs to be done are not burdens- they are opportunities to generate value and fuel your core business. Make the smart recovery decision that so many other CleanBayArea clients have made over the years, and make use of their trusted services. Your organization can save money, optimize the use of your resources and free up valuable space within your facility.


Through a seamless ‘white glove’ approach to IT Asset Disposition, CleanBayArea can manage, market and resell your assets through multiple venues that target end users and maximize your ROI in equipment. This, in turn, protects the environment, frees up space and recovers 4 times more than with auctions and 30 times more than with recycling. What’s not to love about that?


CleanBayArea is your one-stop solution for equipment and excess inventory recovery, IT asset disposition, E-waste recycling and electronic disposal. They help businesses remove unwanted surplus equipment and recover more value than by any other means. Their experts provide hassle-free services within 24 hours and share net proceeds with your company.


For more information, go online to where you’ll find a full list of services CleanBayArea provides to your community. If you wish to speak with an expert, feel free to call 650-307-7553. Recover the most revenue from your unwanted equipment. CleanBayArea can show you how.

It Asset Disposition