Inventory Liquidation

Inventory Liquidation

CleanBayArea can provide the professional inventory liquidation you’re looking for. If you’re dealing with a store room full of surplus equipment with no idea how to proceed, the specialists from CleanBayArea can help you recover the maximum amount of money from your unwanted equipment.


As a professional surplus equipment recovery and inventory liquidation corporation, CleanBayArea is a one-stop solution for companies also looking for IT asset recovery, e-waste recycling and much more. Recover 3X more value than you would otherwise through single efforts aimed at selling through traditional methods. CleanBayArea provides hassle-free service within 24 hours of your call and shares net proceeds with your company. 


Although your surplus assets can sometimes feel like deadweight to your company, they are really opportunities to generate value and fuel your core business. It’s just a matter of effectively recovering on your initial investment for the equipment you no longer need or want. CleanBayArea will triple your recovery rates and help your organization same money, optimize your resources and make smart investment recovery decisions that will maximize your investment in the long run.


One call to CleanBayArea at 650-307-7553 and you can take advantage of their intelligent surplus equipment recovery solutions that include:


- Surplus equipment recovery and inventory liquidation for your lab, test, measurement, semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, electronic, or other equipment for proper disposal.

- IT asset disposition solutions for disposing of computers, servers, laptops, networking gear and more.

- Asset recovery solutions that will maximize your return on investment (ROI).

- E-waste recycling services to minimize environmental impact and protect the environment. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that less e-waste is going in to your local landfill.

- Lab equipment remarketing solutions to free up your lab space so you can reinvest recovered value in new lab equipment.

- Data center decommissioning for your obsolete data center equipment.

- Computer disposal services for obsolete computers to be safely disposed of.

- Data destruction and sanitation services to protect your sensitive information. You will receive a certificate of destruction.


You can maximize your ROI through expert inventory liquidation services from CleanBayArea. If you have lab equipment that is unused, unwanted or taking up space in your facility, CleanBayArea can recycle or remarket the equipment for you. If your laboratory is being remodeled and your equipment is being updated, let CleanBayArea offer expert inventory liquidation services that can benefit you in more ways than one.


CleanBayArea works with used lab equipment, R&D and medical equipment, purposing it for recycling or for remarketing to help you recover part of your investment. They work with manufacturers and end users to responsibly manage retired medical equipment. 


- Logistics. CleanBayArea provides free pickup in the San Francisco Bay area. 

- Accountability. Experts keep detailed records of all pickups, including the number of devices received and the serial number and condition of each item received. They also maintain all shipping and receiving documentation.

- Security. CleanBayArea is a self-contained company with complete chain of custody, enabling them to offer the most secure asset management, tracking and destruction procedures possible.

- Accessibility. You’ll appreciate having a single point of contact during your transaction with CleanBayArea, with web tracking and reporting for your convenience.


To learn more about CleanBayArea and their inventory liquidation services, feel free to contact a specialist by calling 650-307-7553. You’ll be glad you called the experts who can help.