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CleanBayArea — Providing Intelligent Surplus and Recycling Solutions to All Major Industries.


CleanBayArea has successfully assisted well over 300 clients to intelligently manage their Surplus Assets, and provide IT Asset Disposition and Asset Recovery Services. In every major industry, we have effectively maximized the recovery value of surplus assets, thus reducing our clients' operating costs related to managing those assets, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Since 2012, CleanBayArea has assisted our customers and recover 3X more value than auction houses and 10X more value than resellers and liquidators by utilizing multiple domestic and international marketplaces.

Below are a few examples of equipment by industry we have assisted our clients with:

Bio-pharmaceutical equipment
Rapidly Moving Consumer Goods
Industrial Manufacturing Equipment
Electronics Manufacturing Equipment
Equipment for Energy Industry
Consumer Brands and OEM
Returns Management for Retail

We have consistently helped our clients realize 3X more value than equipment auctions and 10X more value than traditional recycling companies. CleanBayArea takes the hassle out of recovery and allows its clients to focus on their core business while providing them with an opportunity to increase profitability.

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