Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling protects our environment, on the local scale and on the world-wide scale. It can be quite discouraging to consider that only about 13% of electronic waste is disposed of and recycled properly. The rest is in our local landfills, taking up space and polluting our environment.


Many companies do not recycling their electronics because they think they can’t afford to do so or they feel that it takes up too much of their employees’ time. While that is understandable on one hand, on the other hand it’s difficult to find those reasons excusable. Fortunately, CleanBayArea changes the game for companies looking for a solution to their e-waste problem.


It’s safe to assume that just about every company would recycle their e-waste if it didn’t cost them anything, in finances or in company resources like their employees’ time. In the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas, companies can call CleanBayArea at 650-307-7553 for absolutely free pick up of their e-waste. Electronics recycling from CleanBayArea is a free service that they provide to the community. They’ll pick up your laptops, electronics, computers, e-waste and more as well as surplus lab, bio, research and other equipment you may be storing.


If you’ve been looking for a company that can take care of your electronics recycling needs, look no further. CleanBayArea will come out same day for 100% free of charge e-waste recycling and disposal. If your company has qualified medical waste, biotech, lab and testing equipment, semiconductors, R&D, measurement equipment or other materials, CleanBayArea will dispose of your equipment, remarket it and share the profits with your organization.


Free up your storage space and stop worrying about who is responsible within your company to take care of this problem. It could be that your corporation has downsized leaving no one in charge of asset recovery, in which case, the quickest and easiest way to recover on your investment would be to call CleanBayArea.


Did you know that electronics recycling is about more than just keeping junk out of the landfill? Computers and other equipment are manufactured using natural resources that are easily harvested and recycled from used electronics. Resources that are recycled from e-waste are repurposed for the manufacture of new electronics equipment, so that our planet’s resources will go further. This can greatly reduce the amount of raw materials that must go into the fabrication of new products.


Electronics recycling creates local jobs- and the more items that are recycled, the more jobs are created. There is currently an 87% deficit of electronics being recycled. Do your part in keeping your community employed. It takes so little time to recycle, in fact CleanBayArea will do all the work and not charge you a dime!


For more information about free electronics recycling, contact CleanBayArea by calling 650-307-7553. Recycling is the best way to get rid of your e-waste and other remarkable equipment and items. CleanBayArea is protecting the environment with cost-effective solutions.