Electronic Liquidation

Electronic Liquidation

CleanBayArea provides professional electronic liquidation services throughout the greater San Francisco Bay area for companies with surplus and excess equipment they wish to recycle or remarket.


If you want to maximize your recovery you need to partner with an agency that provides intelligent surplus recovery solutions that will not just find the first buyer who comes along and sell to them, but one that has established ties with a number of venues, so you can get the most out of your electronic liquidation when the time comes.


If you’ve been looking at your surplus equipment like it was dead weight, or worse- a burden to your corporation, you may not know that you have uncovered value waiting to be exposed. Let CleanBayArea pick up your equipment for free, store it for you so you can immediately take advantage of your facility space, and recover a portion of your initial investment for you. Through effective electronic liquidation, your organization can maximize your returns on your unwanted equipment.


With over 300 clients across the San Francisco Bay area and growing every day, CleanBayArea provides a seamless white glove approach to recovering more for your assets than you would most likely be able to recover on your own. Their 6 step approach will help you triple your surplus equipment recovery rates. Take a look:


- CleanBayArea will provide free pick-up, drop-off, or can transact with photos if preferred

- Professional electronic liquidation through sorting, pre-inventory and inventory management services designed to maximize your recovery

- Testing and price evaluation are part of the services offered

- Professional marketing and sale through multiple venues aimed at end-users, not middlemen, so you will receive the most return on your investment possible

- Recorded money collection and expert fulfillment to the buyers of your equipment

- Payments and reporting to you.


You won’t have to lift a finger through the entire process. CleanBayArea will take care of the heavy lifting and the small details, so you can rest easy. After you place a call to CleanBayArea, they’ll take care of everything. You’ll appreciate not having to worry about your excess equipment any longer, and you’ll be free to use that space again to the benefit of your company.


Unless your job description is that of an expert electronic liquidation manager, your company is wasting valuable resources in asking you to handle the liquidation of your surplus assets. Not only were you not trained to fill the position of company asset remarketer, a lack of skill in that area will translate into lost revenue.


CleanBayArea will remove all of the surplus equipment and excess inventory from your facility and leave nothing behind that you wish to get rid of. They’ll safely store and remarket your equipment and provide you with prompt payment at the time of the sale. 


For more information about CleanBayArea and their electronic liquidation services in the San Fran Bay area, visit online at cleanbayarea.com, or call one of their experts at 650-307-7553.