E-waste Recycling Sunnyvale

E-waste Recycling Sunnyvale

When surplus, unwanted and unused electronics are disposed of improperly, they end up in our landfills where they can remain for decades, leaching into our soil and water supply. If you’re a business owner or manager who thought e-waste recycling in the Sunnyvale area did not fit in your budget, you’ll be happy to learn what CleanBayArea can do for you.


Exactly how much e-waste is being directed into our nation’s landfills every year? About 4 million tons, according to the EPA. That’s a staggering number, and is proportionate to the lack of information out there with regard to recycling methods. In the greater San Francisco area, businesses and corporations can call CleanBayArea for hassle-free and cost-free e-waste recycling services that go above and beyond traditional recycling.


You may have not been aware that free e-waste recycling was available in the Sunnyvale area. CleanBayArea’s electronics recycling division provides absolutely free service for all electronics, laptops, computers and much more, with free disposal and even remarketing services for equipment that still holds market value. If you have obsolete or excess equipment, CleanBayArea can pick it up for free so you can start using that newly freed-up space. They can also store your equipment while they work to remarket it at the maximum recovery for your company.


E-waste contains a wealth of valuable and recoverable materials that just make sense to recycle. Consider the aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastics and ferrous metals involved in the production of electronics! These natural resources must be conserved as they are not unlimited in supply. Moreover, it takes a great deal of resource to mine them.


E-waste contains hazardous and toxic materials that must at all costs be kept out of our landfills. Consider the mercury, lead, chromium and other chemicals that can be leached into the local soil and water supply. While it is the duty of all companies to responsibly recycle their e-waste, not all communities make it convenient or even possible to do so.


CleanBayArea provides effortless e-waste recycling in Sunnyvale and its surrounding areas. All it takes is one phone call to 650-307-7553 and within 24 hours, your electronic waste will be picked up free of charge. You may also be interested in some of the other services that CleanBayArea provides to the community. Through comprehensive and professional equipment and asset recovery services, they can even remarket your surplus equipment and help you recover some of your initial investment.


Your efforts to partner with CleanBayArea for e-waste recycling throughout Sunnyvale will effectively conserve resources, protect your local community, save landfill space and help others who may benefit from using your obsolete electronics. 


If you’d like to learn more about CleanBayArea and the services that they provide to locals, go online to cleanbayarea.com where you’ll find a complete list of services designed to meet the needs of companies just like yours. To speak with a recycling specialist, feel free to call 650-307-7553.


E-waste Recycling Sunnyvale