E-waste Recycling Santa Clara

E-waste Recycling Santa Clara

Protect your local environment and keep e-waste out of your landfill with professional recycling services in Santa Clara. If your company is not effectively disposing of your e-waste, the ramifications for your local area could be devastating. CleanBayArea provides free services that help local businesses manage their e-waste.


If you’ve been looking for a company that could provide you with electronic recycling but thought it wouldn’t fit in your budget, the good news is that CleanBayArea provides these services for free. Their electronic waste recycling division provides free e-waste recycling, laptop recycling, electronics and computer recycling and disposal services of surplus, obsolete and excess computer, lab, semiconductor, bio, research and measurement equipment throughout all of Santa Clara and beyond.


E-waste recycling eliminates health and environment hazards in the Santa Clara area. The disposal of untreated wastes into landfills is catastrophic, especially when you consider that free services exist to help companies eliminate their excess recyclables. While it’s estimated that about 4 million tons of e-waste make their way into our landfills every year, that number can be greatly reduced, and it can be immediately reduced when you call CleanBayArea.


The experts at CleanBayArea provide free A-Z hassle-free and charge-free e-waste recycling services throughout the Santa Clara area and can pick up same day when you call them at 650-307-7553. If you have qualified e-waste or medical, biotech, lab, test, R&D, or other equipment, CleanBayArea will be happy to dispose of it for free, remarket it, and share the profits with your organization. Depending on the type of surplus equipment you have being stored in your facility, you may even get some money in your pocket when all is said and done.


- The goal. CleanBayArea aims to assist companies in disposing of e-waste surplus equipment, excess inventory and old computers and laptops in a proper way to protect the environment. 


- The mission. CleanBayArea wants your local community to stay green and free. As a responsible computer recycling company, CleanBayArea strives to preserve the planet for the next generation and does not believe in making you pay for being environmentally responsible. Their e-waste recycling services are free for the entire Santa Clara and San Francisco Bay location.


- Safe and secure. The safe disposal of your electronic waste is guaranteed. CleanBayArea is specially equipped with the WipeMasster machine that is able to erase data on drives in one pass or by following the strict DoD standard which requires seven passes. You’ll find CleanBayArea to be licensed by the State of California and fully compliant with the EPA regulations.


Recycle your e-waste properly to save the earth. Call CleanBayArea at 650-307-7553. To learn more about the services that CleanBayArea provides to the community, go online to cleanbayarea.com. You’ll find they are able to fully meet your company’s needs with IT asset recovery, asset disposition, equipment remarketing, data center decommission, electronics disposal and much more. 


E-waste Recycling Santa Clara