E-waste Recycling Mountain View

E-waste Recycling Mountain View

CleanBayArea provides free e-waste recycling throughout all of Mountain View. If you’re not currently recycling your old electronics or other outdated equipment, you may be interested to learn that CleanBayArea will pick up, recycle and dispose of your e-waste at absolutely no cost to you. It’s just another service they provide to the community.


There are many benefits to recycling your e-waste. Some of them are obvious but others are not quite so glaring. It’s interesting to consider that only about 13% of all e-waste is properly disposed of and recycled. That leaves a significant percentage of electronics filling up our local landfills and poisoning our soil and water. Recycling becomes more attractive when some basic information is figured in to the equation:


- Free e-waste recycling throughout Mountain View allows companies to dispose of their surplus, outdated and junk electronics in a way that doesn’t cost them any resources. CleanBayArea picks up for free and does not charge for this service. With free recycling, there is no reason not to join in the recycling revolution and keep your community beautiful.


- Think it doesn’t add up? The average cell phone user gets a new cell phone every 18 months. In the US alone, we throw more than 100 million cell phones in the garbage every year, along with over 112,000 computers (each and every day), 41 million desktops and laptops and 20 million TVs. That’s a lot of electronic waste that has to be stored someplace; that place is your local landfill. Most people don’t mind if it ends up in the landfill, as long as they don’t have to live close to it or drive past it everyday on their way to work.


- If you like the idea of creating local jobs, you’ll really appreciate what e-waste recycling can do for the Mountain View community. There is a current 87% deficit of electronics being recycled. Every percentage that number drops represents jobs that are created to recycle products, harvest components and materials and work toward repurposing those materials for new products.


- E-waste recycling reduces the amount of raw materials that must be harvested from our natural resources, protecting our environment from becoming depleted of minerals and materials that create glass and plastics. 


- Surplus equipment that is no longer beneficial or useful to your company may be a boon to someone else who cannot afford even the most basic electronics equipment. If you have old, outdated or unwanted electronics being stored in a back room or warehouse, consider that someone else might be glad to use it.


For more information about free e-waste recycling in Mountain View, contact CleanBayArea by calling 650-307-7553 or go online to cleanbayarea.com where you’ll find a wealth of information for your company. CleanBayArea also provides asset disposition and recovery, surplus equipment remarketing, data destruction services and so much more. 


Clean out those spaces where you’re storing all of your e-waste- better yet, call CleanBayArea and let them clean them out for you. Their recycling services are always free.

E-waste Recycling Mountain View