E-waste Recycling Fremont

E-waste Recycling Fremont

More and more companies are looking for e-waste recycling services in the Fremont area, and many of them are surprised when they hear that CleanBayArea provides that service for free. With only 13% of e-waste making its way to recycling centers, CleanBayArea is determined to see those numbers rise, through fast and free services that benefit local companies.


You can do your part to protect the environment and keep e-waste out of your local landfill by calling CleanBayArea for free e-waste recycling throughout Fremont. You won’t have to lift a finger, just make the call and they can even provide same day service. Why recycle? There are so many benefits, a better question would be why not recycle.


One of the most obvious benefits to recycling is that it effectively reduces the amount of toxic waste being dumped into your local landfill. E-waste pollutes the soil and water in your community. Proper handling and management of toxic products keeps mercury, lead and cadmium from electronics from leaching into the ground.


Recycling conserves our planet’s natural resources by recovering and harvesting the valuable materials from outdated, unwanted or junk electronics. In this way, we save on energy that would otherwise be used to produce or harvest these raw materials, reduce pollution that is created during the harvesting of them, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and perhaps most important, save our natural resources from becoming depleted. This is one great reason to recycle.


E-waste recycling from CleanBayArea in Fremont helps to create local jobs and secure them. Currently only about 13% of electronics are being recycled. Every percentage that number is increased represents local jobs being created and filled through new recycling efforts. It’s one thing to create new jobs in some distant un-named city or town, but to create them where you live is a desirable factor in recycling.


There are many businesses that are storing unwanted equipment that might otherwise be put to use by another business or an individual without the resources to purchase them. You may have electronics that you consider to be outdated that another business would gladly accept, often even pay for. That’s one reason why CleanBayArea provides much more than just e-waste recycling services in Fremont. Their asset recovery services are designed to help companies recover more of their investment by remarketing surplus assets.


Best of all, CleanBayArea does not charge for their e-waste recycling in Fremont and its surrounding areas. This is a free service to the community. If you have surplus assets that are remarketable, CleanBayArea can help you recover the maximum amount on your initial investment, so you can even put some money back in your pocket after it’s all said and done.


Contact CleanBayArea by calling 650-307-7553 for more information. Their hassle-free and payment-free recycling services will provide you with the most convenient way to get rid of your e-waste. If you’d like more information, go online to cleanbayarea.com.

E-waste Recycling Fremont