Asset Liquidation

Asset Liquidation

If your corporation is in need of asset liquidation services, consider CleanBayArea. They help organizations in every major industry intelligently manage surplus assets through IT asset disposition and asset recovery, maximizing the recovery value of your surplus equipment to help you achieve your business goals. 


Regardless of what type of assets you have, CleanBayArea can help you with liquidation. Take a look at some of the types of equipment they assist with liquidating:


Biopharmaceuticals, one of the most difficult of all assets to liquidate. CleanBayArea works hard to market your assets to targeted end users who will be thrilled to purchase your unused or unwanted equipment:


- Mass Spectrometers

- High-Performance Liquid Chromatographs

- Sequence Detectors

- Microscopes

- Lab Balances & Weighing

- Microplate Readers & Washers

- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Devices

- Reactors

- Liquid Handling & Weighing

- Plant Support Equipment

- Spectrometers


Electronics Manufacturing. We’re all well aware that electronics equipment is continuously being updated with newer and newer technology replacing old. As changes come about, it can be difficult to locate end users who are interested in acquiring old equipment through asset liquidation. CleanBayArea has global reach through marketplaces designed to find a buyer for your assets:


- Test and Measurement Equipment

- Surface Mount Technology & Board Assembly Equipment

- Photovoltaic Equipment

- Renewable Energy Equipment

- Plant Support Equipment

- Semiconductor & Optoelectronics Equipment

- Printed Circuit Board Equipment


Energy. It can be time-consuming for your corporation to seek out buyers for energy equipment. More often than not, this type of equipment sits in storage for long periods of time, until finally asset liquidation is long since forgotten about. Let CleanBayArea show you the meaning of professionalism, through locating buyers for your energy equipment:


- Compression, Turbines, & Engines

- Instrumentation & Control Valves

- Drilling & Well Service Rigs & Equipment

- Pipeline Equipment, Pumps, Valves, & Fittings

- Power Generation Equipment

- Oilfield Production Equipment

- Plant Support Equipment

- Refinery & Petrochem Units & Equipment


Fast moving consumer goods. Free up storage in your facility by allowing CleanBayArea to store and remarket your equipment, saving you time and money, even putting a profit in your pocket through expert asset liquidation:


- Processing equipment

- Packaging equipment

- Lab/Test equipment

- Plant Support Equipment

- Rolling Stock

- Work in Progress & Finished Goods surplus inventory


Industrial manufacturing. No one works as hard as CleanBayArea at remarketing your industrial equipment, finding buyers and helping companies maximize the ROI for their unwanted equipment:


- Medical equipment

- Glass, ceramics

- Plant support equipment

- Metal products manufacturing

- Printing


Retail equipment. Your retail assets can quickly and profitably be liquidated if the company you hire has the experience and expertise to carry out the job. Be sure you hire a company with the kind of market knowledge that CleanBayArea provides:


- General merchandise

- Small appliances

- Laptops & Tablets

- Phones

- Housewares

- Jewelry & watches

- Store fixtures & Equipment

- Tools and machinery

- Other consumer electronics


For more information about CleanBayArea’s expert asset liquidation services, go to where you’ll find a complete list of services they offer to businesses across California. To speak with a professional from CleanBayArea, call 650-307-7553. Instead of storing your assets and losing money every month, remarket them for maximum profit. Call CleanBayArea.