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Who We Are
Since 2012, CleanBayArea has been California's premier One Stop Solution for Surplus Equipment, Excess Inventory, IT Asset Recovery, and E-waste recycling. We’ve successfully helped companies recover 3X more value than auction houses and 10X more value than traditional recycling companies by remarketing their unwanted surplus equipment, excess inventory and IT assets.
What We Do
CleanBayArea provides a comprehensive solution for Surplus Equipment, Excess Inventory, IT Asset Disposition, and E‐waste Recycling. Our solutions have aided more than 300 businesses to remove their unwanted surplus equipment, excess inventory, and IT assets. Through our domestic and international multi‐channel marketing, our clients' equipment receives more exposure to buyers resulting in the rapid sale through rates.

CleanBayArea makes being environmentally responsible effortless. Our friendly and professional teams will remove, transport and manage all equipment removed from your location, often within 24 hours. With virtually no effort or disruption to your business activities, we will re-market your surplus assets and excess inventory and share the net proceeds with you.

By removing the unused equipment from your organization, we help you reduce asset taxes, storage, and operating costs as well as the administrative burden related to the management of those assets while providing a return on your equipment to help fuel the continued growth of your business.
Environmental Stewardship
Drawing on our knowledge and expertise across our range of recycling and environmentally friendly services, we work closely with our customers to shape a solution that aligns with their environmental aspirations and objectives. We carefully weigh an organization’s corporate social responsibilities, public image, risk, and regulatory obligations when suggesting a comprehensive program. CleanBayArea follows a Zero Landfill policy and issues Certificates of Compliant Destruction and Recycling to its customers. Based on our internal filing and reporting requirements, CleanBayArea regularly audits its downstream vendors to assure compliance and transparency and adheres to an R2 framework.
Whether you are a recent college graduate, or an experienced professional, CleanBayArea is a company where you can thrive and grow. Our entrepreneurial environment will allow you to cultivate your expertise, use your knowledge, and possibly re‐invent yourself while working with us in the Surplus Equipment Recovery, IT Asset Disposition, Asset Recovery and E‐waste Recycling industries.
CleanBayArea's ideal candidate has an entrepreneurial spirit, is inquisitive and has a thrust for knowledge. Our team members will be exposed to all aspects of our business, while gaining valuable experience in our marketplace.
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The CleanBayArea Team
Since 2012 the CleanBayArea team has been providing California with compressive solutions for Surplus Equipment, Excess Inventory, IT Asset Disposition, and E‐waste Recycling. Over 300 businesses have partnered with CleanBayArea’s friendly and professional team for all their recycling needs. Give us a call today to see how we can become your trusted business partner for all your surplus, disposition and recycling needs.

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CleanBayArea makes the recovery of your surplus assets effortless and allows you to focus on your core business.
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Call us today at (650) 307-7553 or use the form below to request a consultation to discuss how CleanBayArea can tailor a recovery or recycling solution for your company to help you recover 3X more value for your surplus than using the auctions and 10X more value than hiring traditional recycling companies.